Where to get counsellor qualifications in Australia

Where to get counsellor qualifications in Australia

Where to get counsellor qualifications in Australia

In today’s fast-paced economic and social life, it’s easy to get into emotional/psychological problems. And when this happens, people run to seek help from counsellors. These professionals are equipped with the relevant skills needed to give direction and guidance, thus solving the problem in the end.

Today, there is a wide range of problems that counsellors solve on a daily basis. These could be related to marriage issues, health issues, personal setbacks, career problems and many more. However, regardless of the problem one is facing, the counsellor still provides a solution in a professional and non-judgmental manner.

Therefore, due to the nature of the job of a counsellor, there’s no doubt that these professionals give back to the community in several ways. However, they only learn to do that after they’ve been trained and equipped with the relevant skills needed to help others.

Training is practical, and is delivered at an entry level to those wanting to get into it for the first time. Again, a structured learning environment is also provided so the learner can experience what happens in real life when it comes to counselling people with various problems, and this lets the student establish contacts at an early stage.

So, where can you get Cousellor qualifications in Australia?

The convenience of learning online has made it easier for people who are interested in this career path to obtain their certificates through the internet. Students learn at their own convenience when they are ready to attend class sessions online. Learning materials are also delivered online, including practical learning which could be achieved through live videos.

And regardless of whether a student decides to learn their counselling course online or in a physical classroom setup, the courses are still designed to teach, facilitate and monitor every aspect of management so they can build an effective working relationship with the people they serve. Other than this, they will also learn how to apply certain specialist interpersonal and interview skills so they can solve the problems of the client.

So if you’re just wondering where to find diploma or degree courses in counseling, perhaps you should look for these qualifications below:

Swinburne (RTO 3059)

Here, the course is provided under the tile of Bachelor of Social Science — Psychology. This course opens the door to a vast array of graduate roles in the career. It’s worth noting that the government covers part of the fee when you pay through HECS-HELP loan. The course is also accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.

The course is designed to teach students about questioning why things happen, or trying to analyze and research to come up with explanations to a problem, and ultimately a solution. This is basically learning how to understand human beings and how they relate with one another.

Australian College of Applied Psychology (RTO 0500)

They provide a Bachelor degree in counselling so you’re able to work as a registered counsellor, either on your own or as an employed individual. The course offers expert help from teachers who have real world experience in the world of counselling. At the end of the day, the student will acquire in-depth counselling skills and interpersonal communication. This way, they can effectively engage the client in a session.

Bachelor degree in applied social science

Offered by Jansen Newman Institute (RTO 0269), the course is designed to offer both theory and practical learning to the student. The course is designed to explore human behavior, abuse/addiction to drugs, relationship issues and many more. Students will also be assigned to 400hrs of work placement so they can effectively apply what they learned in school.

You can also get qualifications to work as a professional counsellor in just 2 years when you take a diploma course instead. In most cases, diploma courses are designed to subject students to 200 hrs of work placement so they can learn in a practical setting. The Australian College of Applied Psychology offers diploma courses in counseling.

Most Universities in Australia still provide diploma courses for students who might not be ready to go for the degree courses. Furthermore, recognised learning institutions offer courses that are accredited by the relevant governing bodies, so students shouldn’t have a reason to worry when they want to enroll into these courses.

In conclusion
If you’re interested in choosing a Cousellor’s career path, you might want to obtain your diploma or degree qualifications online. Online courses tend to be shorter than traditional classroom courses. They present the quickest opportunity for students to get their qualifications, thus it would be safe to assume they are ideal for those who want to get their qualifications as soon as possible.